stableBASE was designed to very high environmental building standards. We have worked hard to create an energy efficient building, reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our waste, energy and resources use, and improve the environment around us. Environmental Initiatives include:

  • Passive solar design with north facing living area
  • Highly insulated with Polyester insulation made from recycled bottles!
  • Very Energy efficient with Fully double glazed windows
  • LED lighting throughout
  • 7.8 star energy rating
  • 5kw PV system provides electricity
  • 100kl Rainwater tank supplies water for all fixtures
  • Air source heat pumps for hot water supply
  • 25% of property set aside as land for wildlife and replanted with 2000 native trees and shrubs to attract possums and black cockatoo’s
  • Vegetable, herb gardens and fruit trees grown using organic principles
  • Free range chickens
  • All firewood for heating sourced from pruning of trees on property, and timber mill waste. New native trees planted to provide future firewood
  • All timber frame construction using FSC certified pine.
  • Insulated concrete slab and internal brick walls provide thermal mass
  • Universal access throughout
  • Green waste composted and other waste separated for recycling
  • Ceiling fans throughout
  • Low water use plumbing fixtures throughout
  • FSC certified timber flooring finished with natural oil and wax finish
  • Partnering and supporting local businesses and community groups

“Stablebase sets a new benchmark for private accommodation in the southwest. You would be hard-pressed to find an apartment of the same level of quality, comfort, sustainable design and aesthetic appeal, even at a much higher rate.”

Kelly August 2016